What everybody knows

A response to Alain Badiou, by Lynne Segal

Alain Badiou writes:

“Everybody knows that monstrous inequalities cannot be a solution of the historical destiny of human beings — everybody knows that”.

Badiou with a grip on the problem, even though sadly not ‘Everybody agrees’. And for me, unconvincing in his entirely unspecific account of how exactly we work against, let alone overthrow, the power of ubiquitous corporate globalisation via anti-specialist, anti-identitarian, free associations against the state – those very states that neoliberal ideology has spent so much time undermining in freeing itself from any shackles of state regulation. Hence the very worst monstrosities of the present, personified by the anti-statist Trump. Verso, my dear publishers and I, don’t always agree in those we champion, though I know they’ll always be open to debate! 🙂

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